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Happy Birthday honey!

Happy Birthday my dear  honeyandvinegar !
I hope you're having a wonderful day, a very special day as special as you are.
Thank you for all your wonderful stories, posts and especially for your friendship.
You brightened my days more than once!

I wish you all the very best, joy, fun, love, sunshine and lots of Zeke/Casey goodness!

Here's a little something for you, I hope you'll enjoy!

Lots of love and biiiiiggest birthday hugs,

Title: Amber
Pairing: C/Z
Pairing: ???

He didn’t think about people in his past, there were reasons why they didn’t make it

to his future. Casey made it. Surprisingly this young fellow had found the way to the so far prohibited area – to his heart. Light-footed, easily, he just stepped into Zeke’s life and Zeke didn’t reject his outstretched hand this time. This time he took it, twined their time, twined their lives.


Casey reminded him of amber, burning like a candle without leaving ashes.  The thought he found incredible. He’d do something he nearly had forgotten about it. After foraging at the attic  he found what he was looking for and nearly run into his studio. Amber. He examined it carefully, sat down and started working.


He had learned at his instruction as a goldsmith that amber was found the easiest

after cold and stormy nights at dawn.  But didn’t Casey find him like a risen dream?


He has become a very talented goldsmith -  so people said - but he didn’t create anything in years. He just wasn’t in the mood to do this – but now he had begun to work on a amulet

made of amber.


While he cut the gemstone carefully the smell of a very old firwood filled the air –

he could feel the heat of a much younger sun and could hear the blowing wind in the mighty old tree tops. How old would it be? 30 or 90 million years old? He breathed in deep until he felt dizzy. This stone he had found many years ago on a flea market was incredible in its hidden beauty. It was the rare ‘Blue Amber’. Under artificial light, the amber appears like ordinary amber, but under sunlight it has an intense fluorescent blue glow. When held against the sun it will appear like ordinary amber, and under ultraviolet light it will glow a bright milky-blue. This effect can be compared to the ocean, which, although transparent, can appear anything from light blue to dark blue to black, depending on depth, mass, salinity, etc. He read about it recently – but he couldn’t bring himself to process it then. He could see Casey’s eyes when he looked at the stone.  Yes - this stone should become somewhat special. When he took it out of an old small casket he knew what he would create.


While he worked silently, constantly (for two weeks now)and concentrated an inner peace filled him and made him feel strong especially because  something solid, everlasting yet fragile assumed a definite shape. Dust, fine like flour covered his workbench, his fingers, the small file he was working with. The stone felt cold, smooth, it seemed it began to glow. Now and then he dusted over it to examine his work. He remembered true amber had been sometimes called as Kara be, a word of oriental derivation signifying "that which attracts straw", in allusion to the power which amber possesses of the acquiring an electric charge by friction. When he looked at the now   plane oval, flat like  a coin – the energy of a long set sun of former days warmed him again.


As old as the stone was it looked new, plain, simple  – he wanted it to be like that because  to him simplicity meant beauty. He head was spinning when he noticed he nearly had forgotten to breath. As if Casey would look him right into his eyes.


He blew at it, caressed the smooth surface with his thumb. His movements were slow, almost tender, emotions dwelled up and a few tiny little teardrops found their way down his cheeks.

“Casey…” He held it into the light and at once it changed its colour. The usual blue vanished almost completely and all shades of fluorescent blue  seemed to explode before his eyes. This stone was misjudged very often but he loved it ever since. His masterpiece at his exams was made of amber – a yellow-orange brooch for his lady teacher. He wanted her to get it because she taught him everything about gemstones, silver, gold and how to make it special. She knew how to reveal the secrets of raw gemstones – she shared the secrets she had discovered by dealing with such rarities. Of course he had forged jewellery made of silver, gold, platinum  and high-grade steel but working on a special gem was indescribable.


The blue amber slowly showed his unique beauty with every file, with every touch of Zeke’s hands. His fingers, the file, the gem and the dust – all became one. He believed in the power of stones- rubies, emeralds, turquoises, moonstones – not that he had ever talked about it. Not even to Casey. When he had seen the first bracelet with blue amber he had felt that this was “his” stone.


Only the ticking of the clock, the soft hush of the soft moved file and his breathing broke the silence. No, they don’t brake the silence, they emphasized it.


His gaze was fixed on the stone – unaffected, incomparable, irresistible … like Casey.

The stone was warm now from the friction of the file, from the touches of his hands. For the first time in years he was proud to be a goldsmith. Until now he just wasn’t in the mood for making something like that.


He’d make a little gift for Casey, maybe a bracelet or a small silver chain with an amber pedant… strong and graceful … like Casey was. He’d make some sketches, he still had something in his mind. Unnoticed by himself Zeke began to hum a soft and tender melody, the file moved rhythmical to the tune. 


He polished the gem for the next three hours until he was satisfied. He fixed the stone in a silver ring – movable so that he could turn it between his fingers, neatly fixed that I couldn’t fall out.

This should always remind him of the power he felt these days, the happiness, the glimmer and …

His...Casey …


He was so lost in thoughts that he hadn’t noticed the young man who watched him for hours now – smiling, beaming and as happy as Zeke was. The soundless “I love you, Zeke” formed by luscious lips ended in a little sob.

Turning around he looked at … Casey, who sat now on the floor cross-legged, leaning against the wall with now closed eyes. He was weeping. His boy was weeping and sobbing. In a split second he knelt before him and carefully touched his cheeks. The looked at each other – their eyes mirroring their love. Moments like these were precious, priceless like Zeke’s gemstone.

He lifted Casey’s head and Casey simply kissed him. Soft like a butterfly, brief like the touch of a snowflake. Zeke couldn’t put into words what he felt right now – he held Casey, Casey clung to him. Strength. Weakness. Joy. Happiness. Desire. Love.

He whispered against Casey’s lips “I wanna show you something…” and lead him to his working bench, handed him the unprepared material. Casey stared at it and murmured “How is it called?”

“Blue amber. It’s one of the rarest gemstones on earth, not the oldest but to me it’s the most beautiful stone. “

Casey’s fingers traced patterns across the rough surface, he touched the spot were Zeke saw off the half of it. “How old is it, Zeke?”

And Zeke told him everything he knew about blue amber while Casey sat on his lap, leaning against him, holding the blue amber in awe. He listened to Zeke’s soft voice, he felt his enthusiasm about his learned job. He had now clue that Zeke was a goldsmith, why did he work as a chimney sweeper now? Both jobs couldn’t be more different.  “It’s beautiful, Zeke. I can feel it’s age, the history and it’s magic power. “

Zeke smiled. Casey understood what he felt, as always. Casey whispered, he didn’t dare to speak aloud “I’m holding millions of years in my hands…”

Zeke took away the raw material and handed Casey the amulet he was working on. Casey’s eyes became big as saucers … “Blue… Zeke… This is so… so…blue…” Then he turned them around the chair and held Casey’s hand against the sunlight. “Oh my god, Zeke! Look at it! It isn’t just blue! It’s…BLUE!” Zeke  smiled amusedly. Words failed Casey, too. Then he did it right. Casey enveloped the stone, leaned into Zeke and kissed him again. Long and deep. “You are like this, Zeke…” “Hmm?”

“You’re all this, Zeke. I wish I could tell you what I feel, how I see you but … I simply can’t..”

Zeke fixed the amulet on the little silver chain and put it on Casey’s neck. It was perfect!

“It’s for me? You made this for me?” Yes. “Precious belongs to precious” he murmured and this time Zeke kissed his Casey. Longer, deeper, harder … Maybe he should work as a goldsmith again but what he knew was that Casey was a special smith, too. Looking into his eyes he nodded to himself “starsmith” … that’s what was Casey for him.

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