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zur Geburtstag ...

Happy birthday my sweet prisca1960 !!!
May this day be very very special - as special as you are.
Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship, your wonderful letters, ficlets, stories.
You've brightened my days so many times.
I wish you all the very best: your wishes are my wishes for you.

Love and biggest hugs,

And here's a little something for you. I hope you'll enjoy!

Title: "Colors"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

The magic of colors.

He never thought about colors.

Blue. Red. Yellow. Green.

They existed. End of story.


And colors between…

Orange. Pink. Purple. Brown.


Casey made him see the fine tunes of each of these

with  words, with photos – some of them with his hands only.


At first he had smiled about him, about exactly this way of "seeing."

But this afternoon something strange happened.

Out of the blue.

When he was alone.


There was this special fragrance in the air.

Like lemon.

And he thought how wonderful it smelled.

How yellow.

Yellow  like the sun, like daffodils, like

joy of life.


When Casey showed up Zeke smelled … blue

like wideness,

morning skies,




Casey means all colors to him.

Closing his eyes he dreams of blue.

Oceanblue. Iceblue. Cornflower blue.

These shades of blue are like Casey’s eyes when they meet each other the first time of the day.

It was incredible how blue he smelled then.



Bottle-green. Grass-green.  Moss-green. Emerald-green.

These shades of green are like Casey’s whispers when he tells him how much he means to him.



Sun-yellow. Wheat-golden-yellow. Honey-yellow. Lemon-yellow.

These colors he sees with his eyes closed when Casey smiles at him.

Like sunrise and sunset all at once.



The Color of all colors.

Ruby-red. Like Casey’s lips – lips made for kissing.

Strawberry-red like his tongue – made of exploring, tasting, discovering… him…

Fire-red, hot like his fingers – made for tender caresses, light as eiderdowns,

rough like sand-paper, demanding … touching. Him. Not only his body.

Baccara-black-rose-red. Like his smooth tears, when Zeke starts weeping because he’s so very happy that he can’t put it into words.



The calmness after…
Feeling his hammering heart, nestled in Casey’s arms.

Pearl-white. Like little teardrops he notices on Casey’s face while he sleeps …


His boy his happy, too.

Blue-green-yellow-red happy.

Because of him, because of Zeke.


He loves his Casey.

And he loves the colors they share.


Because of Casey he had learned - he still does - to feel them.
The magical 'C's.
Colors and Casey.

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