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Another birthday I missed ...

Happy belated birthday my dear gardnerhill 
I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of love and happiness!
All the best for the coming new year, my friend.
Lots of love and big tight hugs,

This is for you, sweetie - I hope you'll like it:

Title: Wind
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Rating: PG

Standing on the hill

looking down at Hobbiton makes me grateful.

Never had I thought

that I would see the beauty of

The Shire



The wind blows –

The sharp blades of green grass are

dancing in the wind

as the rain drops

leaving a glint of a shine.

Endless raindrops are touching my face




The wind has so many emotions –

That’s why I like to feel it.

Wind is powerful –

It can break leafs from the trees.

It’s like a missile,


tearing it’s way down its path.


Wind is amazing,



sometimes pushing with great force

and nothing can stop it.


The wind has no shame,

it doesn’t have to justify what it has caused.


But the wind is also like a child,

climbing trees,

playing with the waters,

with the earth,

with all of us.

It’s like a thief

stealing Sam’s hat so

he had to run after it.


This makes me smile –

Sam is like the wind.

Strong, solid, rough and calm –

a part of him will always be

The innocent child.


The Wind is nature

And nature is truly beautiful.

And so is my Sam.


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