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It's a birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dear igraine1419 

Have a gorgeous day with lots of fun, sunshine, joy and flowers!
Thank you for being a wonderful friend, for all your fantastic word(k)s !

May this coming year be one of your bests!

Lots of love and biggest birthday hugs,

This little something is for you, sweetheart!

Title: "Crocuses"
Pairing:  :-)
Rating: PG

It seems winter comes to an end.

Today I discovered the first messenger

of spring …

few tiny little flowers

elegant, fragile…

and yet…

showing fight against the cold

and icy wind blows.

I touched them carefully …

as if

they would be made

of glass …

as if

they would be

my lover’s cheeks.


Special they are…

the blossoms as well as my


best friend

confidant …


stronger than one expected them

to be.


Touching them … him…

always calms me,

soothes me,

quiets my fears.


That bond of trust

born from gentle touch

allows me

to be

at peace.


I am glad …

because I realize

the words Samwise

said to his Master

are true …


“There’s something good in the world

and it is worth fighting for…”


Hugging me gently

feeling his limb body against mine

I hear Elijah’s whisper

“I’m glad …

we don’t have to fight




A strand of hair falls into his


and I brush it out

without answering …
feeling the beat

of his tender heart’s caress…

I promise myself... 

We’ll never have to fight again


It feels good watching the beauty

and so I can see …

open wounds have now

with my loving touch

been healed …


It was worth …

HE was worth
fighting for.

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