December 7th, 2014

elijah bear

I'm Back again

Hello my friends,
I'm so glad to be back here and there's a lot to tell.
This year, what do I say - the last months of 2013 and this year until October wasn't that easy.
To make a long story short - I got ill and it wasn't possible for me to read or to write. After months and months of running to several doctors they found out that my blood shugar was so high that it was and is a miracle I'm still alive.
When they found out what's going on I for myself changed very much. And if you are that close to death you automatically change how you think, you you live, what's important and what's - let's say - not so important.
My family, especially my husband were like a rock. And believe me - I thout of you a lot and this alone made and always makes me happy. That there are people around me, even when they are not reachable at the moment for me - and I love them.
But now since 4 weeks I can read again and I can write again. YAY! I fell absolutely great.
The past 7 months I lot 80 pounds and it is still going on - I love it. I don't feel hungry, I'm just eating low or no carbs: It' pure fun !
Even my cats love the new recipes. Back to the roots, back to myself - that's what I want to say. And now I'm enjoying this great time, it's already cold here, it smells like snow - they say we will get snow next week. So out with the snow shovel and here we go :-)
Today I'm finally writing Christmas cards - Wolfgang and I got wonderful cards last week - and I feel so happy just doing this.
I always said - it's the little things that counts - after all there months I know it is more than true.

Hopefully you're all doing well.
I missed you soooo much - goodness it's good to be back home again.

Love you all,