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Missed birthdays .... *sigh*

Unfortunately my computer was down since New Year (perfect timing!!!) but not it works again and hopefully there will be more time to be here. I've missed you all, f-list! LOTS!

Happy belated birthdays to my dear friends
and wynterhawk 

I hope you all had a beautiful day with all the things and people you like and you love!
All the best for the coming year, sunshine, moonlight, starshine and love, love, love !!!

I've found this little poem in one of my sketchbooks (it's not mine, sorry ... )
and I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

I stay silent

Those eyes they hold me.
They hold me as tightly as your arms do.
They hold all of me.
They make me want to stay for ever with you.

I feel you near.
I feel you near when you are not there to feel.
I taste you.
I taste you and can not taste any thing else.

Why can’t I see you.
Why can’t I touch you and know your real.
Why can’t I hear you.
And know you are there beside me.

You’re gone.
Like so many others from the past.
You left.
And slowly I start to forget.

I want to say I don’t need you.
I want to say I can live with out you.
I want to say that I can move on.
But I stay mute.

I say nothing at all.
I need you.
I can’t live with out you.
I can never love another.
And still I am silent.
Only a tear tells you I am there.

Love and huge long hugs,

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