August 12th, 2011

elijah bear

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Hello hello
I just started the Christmas cards *g* - maybe I'll make it punctually this time!
Christmas cards in August? Believe me - it COULD be October speaking of the windchill factor.
And it rains and rains and rains. Snails and earthworms are partying for weeks now - they are big and happ and FAT!

All flowers - besides lavender - are destroyed, here and then you can barely imagine some leaves.
But - they say next summer will be there 2012! I'm so looking forward to it.

I didn't know I own that much umbrellas, LOL. I left them at work, at my mother, at the doctor, at my sister ...
so I had to get a new one. Always because I was raining cats and dogs. Now I call 7 umbrellas, not that bad, isn't it? *g*

Today I cleaned the flat completely and I'm so proud!
This means time for reading and writing and snuggling up on the bed with my cats.

I hope you're enjoying Froday and the weekend!
See you later, sweeties!

*dances in the rain, YAY! The crutches are already hidden in the darkest corner*
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elijah bear

Here we go again ...

Did I say just now the flat is clean?
The cats ... emptied

Sweet babies they are and now they are all playing with the cat litter ...
They made it on purpose to keep me busy and fit, LOL.

So come on Julchen, take the broom, bucket, mop - don't make such a fuss!

*mops the cats*
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