April 3rd, 2011

elijah bear

for gabi_fics and good morning all!

Hello sweetheart,

life isn't always that easy, but hey - isn't it encouraging to know you are not alone  ?
I hope you'll enjoy your Sunday, spring sun and just this wonderful day completely.

I just sat down and wrote this little something for you - hope you enjoy.

Title: "Lock and key"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: none

Two weeks before the horror of Herrington High  it was the first time Zeke found his lock broken.


What the heck? He couldn’t explain it an he was pissed. It couldn't have been a burglar, nothing was stolen.So what?

'Ok, locks could be replaced' he sighed to himself .

No, he wasn’t scared but he had to think about the words one of his classmates said “Something strange is going on here…”


The pillow beside him was rumpled – someone definitely WAS here. This made him angry, puzzled and … curious.


At first when Zeke woke to find Casey nestled against him, it was the second night  after Merry Beth. He couldn’t bring himself to wake him, telling him to leave – no matter how much he wanted to be alone.


First it was only a couple of nights … slowly, very slowly it became every other night .

Then it became every night.


He and Casey.

No longer in search of comfort after terrible nightmares and nervous breakdowns  

but comfort after every day life.


Zeke couldn’t talk about it because every morning when he opened his eyes Casey was gone.

But every morning when Zeke walked into the classroom Casey would give him a shy and grateful smile.


Casey blushed slightly when Zeke sat down beside him and simply laid his apartment key down.

They didn’t exchange a word, they didn’t look at each other.


They simply understood each other … as always.


Zeke knew – this night his boy would stay … next morning Casey would be there..

And his lock wouldn’t be broken. 
Maybe his heart some day ...

and now I'm off to my garden :)

and have a wonderful Sunday, f-list!
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It's a birthday

Happy birthday my dear friend withywindle01 
I hope you're having a wonderful day filled with warmth, sunshine, love and joy.
May the most of your dreams come true (some dreams we should always spare for next year :-))

This little something is for you, sweetheart. I hope you'll enjoy

Title: Memories
Character: your choice
Rating: none

So many days, year have passed by.
So many days I thought about the great time in New Zealand.
I want to turn back time,
laying with you in the fields of flowers
between the takes.
Enjoying the fragrances of spring.
The soft blows of the wind makes me tremble,
the way my knees tremble, when I think of you.
Looking up to the blue sky ahead
I'm looking for your face in the clouds.
I close my eyes ...
lost in your thoughts.
When I open my eyes again sun rays caress my skin
soft, gently ...
like your hand did these days.
Soft, gently ...
like your lips ghost mine long long time ago.
Lightly, so lightly
I wonder what are you doing now.

I can spread my arms and
I dream
that the wind would carry me
Where you are...

the only way back home...

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,