August 24th, 2010

elijah bear

The second newie ...

May I introduce you to Ben:

Tiger brought him along 2 weeks ago. He was in a horrible state when I saw him the first time but look at him now.
One of his ears is multilated and he seems to be deaf but Ben is a wonderful soul.
At the moment he's snuggling up with his friend at the hay stack and they're both sound asleep.

As I said - there must be a sign ...

Have a wonderful night, morning, day, my friends.

elijah bear

(no subject)

Title: Cats
Character: reader's choice
Rating: none

I love cats.
All kind of cats.
The big ones.
Lions. Mighty, majestic - just one look, one slowly movement, one roar and all creatures around bow to the king of the Savannah.
Tigers. Gorgeous, dreadful, cruel - one purr and every creature knows who has the saying in the djungle.
Our cats. Much much smaller but similar in behavior and movements. Always alert what's going on around. Looking uninterested when we're  talking to them just to let us know "I can hear you, ok? But don't expect ANY reaction NOW."
The slighly twisting of the ear (of course they usually move only one), the tiniest tremble of the whiskers tell us - they ARE listening when they're outstretched sleeping on the heater - seemingly diving in a daze allmost all day long. They enjoy silence and peace in a certain kind of way.
Hidden behind this wall of indifference and unnearness they are also playful.
From one second to the next they can be whirlwinds in haunting a bug, getting over mountains of feather pillows leaving your flat in a mess until the dangerous enemy is  killed.
But then there are these special moments - cat moments - when they are snuggling on your belly, when this small little fur balls are touching your heart. Snuggling closer, putting their little paws on your hands to make sure you're here and you'll stay.
Be sure they will tell you when it's time to let go.
At night when you're dog-tired they ignore it. They make sure - it's cat time. NOW! Whether they start licking their fur right beneath your face - they can be very persevering in doing this - or they are simply parking almost on your face, trying to get yourself a new hairstyle.
Stroking their heads, playing with their ears - as the final result they start purring like a lawn-mower and you know - yes, that's it.
Cats have their own will, they belong to no one - with a little luck they accept us.
My boy unites this all.

Now I'm off to the paper round, sweeties.
See you later all you early risers andmidngiht riders!