May 26th, 2010

elijah bear

It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dear addie71 
May this day be special - as special as you are.
Thank  you so much for all you did for me, you're a true friend and for this I'm very very grateful.
I wish you luck, joy, happiness, sunshine, health, laughter, people you love and you like maybe around whenever you need them.

This little something is for you, my dear. I hope you'll enjoy!

Loads of love and zillions of kisses,

Title: Just the plain truth
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG 

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elijah bear

Happy birthday!!!

to my dear friend and favorite poet jan_u_wine 
It's amazing what you are creating with words, my dear. You know how much I love your works, don't you?
More than once you made me smile and laugh, sniffle and weep in a very good way.
I wish you all the very best, sweetheart. May all your dreams come true.

Lots of love and huuuuuuge birthday hugs,

Eyes of a Friend

When my heart’s feeling broken
and my spirit’s lost its wings
When the road is full of puddles
and my step has lost its spring

There is someone there to count on
who repairs my broken heart
and gives me wings to fly
and I make a brand new start

A special one who doesn’t judge me
or criticize the things I do
Someone who makes me take a look
and see me through the eyes of you

When this happens I am lifted
to a place that’s far above
from the darkness to the light
to a place that’s full of love

When I see me through your eyes
things are really not so vile
I thank God for you, my friend
as my frown becomes a smile