April 5th, 2010

elijah bear

Happy Easter!

I'm a little late (as usual) but I won't miss to wish you all a Happy Easter, a great Sunday, Monday and Spring time! It seems I'll be here more often next week (hopefully) and I'm soooo looking forward to it.

elijah bear

for shirebound

Wishing you everything that makes you happy

and always stay blessed, sweetheart!
Happy belated birthday and this little poem is for you - I hope you'll like it.

Love, Julchen

Title: A sigh and a smile
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Rating: PG

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We have walked a little way together,


And now that I will go

shall we not part

at the end of the day -

here at the Grey Havens -

with a sigh, a smile?


Don’t you ever forget

what I feel for you, Sam.

It’s an emotional force of such power

that it may take some time

to assimilate

what we are seeing

and hearing

and feeling.


I will take a part of you

with me …

I will share my life,

my hopes, my dreams with you

even when I’m not here.

Because you are

a part of

every fantasy,

every Day and every tomorrow.


We join lips for the last time,

we have to go our way –

with a sigh …

But with a smile, too…

because I know,

my dear Sam –

we will be never alone.

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