July 5th, 2009

elijah bear

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YAY! We finished the flower bed today!!! Tomorrow we'll plant the last trees in the garden!
And the next flower bed. Can't wait for it!

This morning I made two birthday cakes for an old lady who missed the baker this morning.
She was so sad and close to tears - so I offered her two of my cakes (she expected guests in the afternoon).
This is what I made :

for her great-grandkids

and this one

I just finished these for Wolfgang and me.

Happy Saturday night and Sunday, my dear friends!
It feels great to be here.

Love and hugs,
elijah bear

Good morrrrning!!!!

Good morning!!! It's a wonderful morning, it's sunny and already hot and sticky - I'm on my way to the garden. Trees and flowers are waiting! YAY! But coffee comes first :-)

I wish I could hug the world today but my arms are not long enough so I'll hug YOU !
*Big hugs for the best f-list of the world*

Have a lovely Sunday.

Here's some fluff, some C/Z but I think the Shire-mood is grabbing me today.

See you later, my dears!

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