May 17th, 2009

elijah bear

Happy Sunday!

Hello f-list! Just want to say a quick "Hello!"
I'm off to deliver some cakes to three elderly ladies. They ordered them for their birthday. A couple of months ago I decided to do something ... mmm... how to say it ... kind? So whenever there's someone who's living alone in our little village needing a cake - they just have to call me and I'll do it for them. Most of the time I'm doing it at home, but sometimes (like yesterday) I'm doing in in their kitchen because they like some company. It makes me very glad to see older people a little happier than usual. So now before I'm on my way to the neighborhood with 3 strawberry cakes and 30 strawberry kisses I just had to say I miss you and I hope you're enjoying you beautiful Sunday.
This evening I have to make 2 strawberry cakes for tomorrow and a chocolate-nougat one for Tuesday (it tastes much better when it's made a bit earlier)

Love and hugs,

See you soon!!!

Title: CHANGES - Chapter 15: Care
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

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