October 24th, 2008

elijah bear

It's still Froday here!!!

It's very cold here and I'm just enjoying a nice cup of tea ...
This is for my dear friend  annwyn55</lj>  ... just because.

Title: Tea time
Pairing: Frodo (Bilbo/Sam implied)
Rating: none

I remember the first time when I came here …

Bilbo always enjoyed having tea with me.

While we were sipping tea,

eating fresh made butter toast with honey

he always told me stories from his childhood.

It always felt very comfortable, leaning against Bilbo,

my feet on his knees,

hands around a hot steaming pot…

surrounded by  this magical fragrance …

peppermint, cinnamon and

sometimes something sweeter and stronger -

until now I don’t know what this is.

Whenever I ask Bilbo for it he just smiles

“good secrets are a wonderful gift”

And leaves me all the more curious.


And now it’s tea time …

for me…

for Bilbo

and for my Sam.


Maybe he’ll share his “tea secret” with us …


Now I'll have to run for another cup of tea... Hmmm... what's left here in the cupboard...
cinnamon tea is out, lemon ... vanilla...orange ... peppermint...
yes, peppermint with honey.

Enjoy your tea-time friends!
elijah bear

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Our dear melyanna_65  posted this picture in my comments ...
So strawberries won't let me go, LOL.
This is for you, dear Mara:

Title: strawberries II
Pairing: F/S
Rating: G

I like watching you

tasting strawberries …

strawberry juice trailing down your lips…

lips tasting a sweetness

that will be mixed

with dust, summer and sun …

I like to be here with this

basket full of strawberries in

the strawberry field, Sam…

But I like your sticky strawberry kisses

Much much more.