October 16th, 2008

elijah bear

Good morning f-list

Last night I watched Murder Ahoy the Xth time and I still love it!
Wasn't Margret Rutherford just wonderful? She was one of a kind and for me one of the best actresses with her special kind of humor. And her hats ... incredible, LOL.

Hmmm... she could have been Mr. Bilbo's cousin
or Zeke's Grandma.

Stop Julchen! You read too much fanfiction and you watched the movies too much, LOL.

Have a great day,f-list.
I miss you all.

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elijah bear

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Because I won't be at home this weekend :
Happy (early) birthday my dear tariana 
I hope your day is very lovely, sweetheart.

Title: soul-safety
Pairing: J/J
Rating: PG

Don’t stand back any longer

from your emotions

as being

untrustworthy or


Emotions to you feel

Too uncontrollable but

emotions  are necessary …

to help us manage our lives…

Something in you and me is here

to stay.

You feel sad,

You feel you can’t go on …

Tears are running down your face

But you are not alone …

I’ll always keep you safe in

My arms that you’ll find

Your soul-safety.

I’m always


I don’t fear the explosion of my

Overflowing heart any longer.

It's my first J/J ever and I still have to learn a lot :-)
I hope you like it a little bit, my dear.

Love and hugs for you and my f-list,

I'll be back on Sunday night! Take care!
Bye for now!