June 16th, 2008

elijah bear

Good morning, good morning, GOOD MORNING!

How was your night? Mine war ... boring, I slept :-)) 

Here's the view from my roof-top this morning 
it's raining raining raining ... but it's warm 

I'll go now to feet Josh and the bunnies and I'm singing in the rain.

Have a gorgeous day!

Love you,
elijah bear

It's Monday

 so weekend isn't that far away ... only 4 days to wait ...

How are you all? How was your start for this new week?
I hope you're doing all very well, my dears. You deserve all the very best.

I can't resist ... 

Title: Eye's voice
Pairing: S/E
Rating: none

Just to say "thank you" 
this is for you lbilover

Collapse )