May 30th, 2008

elijah bear

Happy Froday!!!

Good morning, evening, afternoon, whatever-time-it-is f-list!

It's indeed a very good morning. I just watered my flowers, fed the cats and bunnies and today I have only 6 hours to work and then - one week off!!! YAY!

I hope you're doing as well as I do and you'll have a FAN-tastic day!
Do you know this? Sometimes it seems the world is too small for you!

Time off AND catching up with my f-list, it's just PERRRRRFECT!

I made a blueberry cake last night after posting the recipe at Claudia's tea-party and I'll take it to work for my colleagues. I'm almost sure I won't work THAT much, today *giggles*

See you tonight again!

Love you all.
Hugs you all tightly.

I wish you could hear me now (be glad you can't) singing a song I didn't even know I know the lines ...
"I'm walking on sunshine... lalalala"