April 24th, 2008

elijah bear

Good morning!

Hellooooo f-list!

It's a wonderful morning here, warm, sunny and the birds are singing the most wonderful concert you can imagine.

Have a great day, enjoy every single minute of it.

Love you,

still strolling around looking for "angels", LOL...

Angels are all around us, most of us know this.
Some are too cynical or busy to notice.
Some think they just have wings and fly.
but others don't even question why.
They look like you and me. They all have a purpose.
They are only here to guide us and serve us.
How many times have we said,"That was close!"
and went on to feel depressed and morose?
We never even thought of how lucky we are
to have these angels provide us with care.
So next time you see the beggar on the street
remember to greet him and be real sweet
For it just might be a test from God
to see how loving you'll be to this sot.
So get in your car or catch the bus
But please don't forget whose watching over us.
Thank them and cherish them and give them the praise
and you will be blessed the rest of your days

Cindy Mock