March 3rd, 2008

elijah bear

Birthdays !!!

The Writer's Pen

Smaller than the wand magicians use to thrill
Simplier than a battery by which we power things
Quieter than the wind that moves the skipper's sail
The pen of a writer's yet mightier than these
With alphabets it stirs the human soul
Through truth its message stays in vogue
By craft distant worlds are conjured
Wielded by a friend that readers never know
O' pen, why lie still while slews are waiting?
Challenge, inspire, inform, dream even
Lest the things you fail to scribe never be proclaimed
And the lives you were to touch never be fulfilled

Frank King




Happy Birthday my dear friend


and happy Birthday my dear friend


May all your wishes come true and this day be very special, full of love and joy and happiness!

Thank you for all the wonderful treasures you gave to us! May your imagination and your love for words never leave you (and us) !!!

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,