February 10th, 2008

elijah bear

It's a birthday!!!

Writers Hands

Her nails soft and chewed
graphite nestled deeply and
ink blotched on fingertips
calloused and cut in the battle
of delivering words to paper.
scar dark and shining deeply where
pressed into slender fingers
and holding, as if a cup, a pen.
and the pen, knowledge,
and the knowledge, beauty,
and the beauty, pain.
the power of mankind woven snugly
and sharp lines of words chiseled
into open palms, concentrated in fingers,
and plied and formed by pencil,
scratching deeply their marks on
eggshell paper, crisp and sharp,
in a poets weathered hands
marked by invisible glory
dwelling in tired fingerprints

Lesley Taylor



May spirit and imagination never leave you! Thank you for all the sunbeams and starlights you bring into our lifes.

I wish you all the very best -  love, joy, health, power, happiness and tons of Elijah-Sean-love!

May this day be very special, as special as you are! 

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,