January 21st, 2008

elijah bear

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Anita Wilson

Dragons flying in the sky
Swooping down and soaring high
Mighty wings, so awe inspiring
Always moving, never tiring

Outlined against a yellow sun
Giant shadows, having fun
Rising, diving, again repeating
In a game of dragons, meeting

Jeweled bodies in the light
A golden wingspan, shining bright
Powerful tails in joy entwining
Playing, while the sun is shining

Oh, how wondrous is this sight
When great dragons show delight


 Happy Birthday my dear  [info]earth_dragon

Have a wonderful day with lots of love and joy!
I hope you're feeling better, my dear.

Massive birthday hugs, 


elijah bear

Another birthday



She sits.
Pencil in one hand,
Chin in the other.

She thinks.
Ideas in her mind.
Ideas on the page.

She writes.
And the heavens unfold. 

 Happy Birthday my dear friend slightlytookish

Thank you for your wonderful friendship and all your beautiful works! 
May this coming year be happy and full of love and joy !
Have a great day!

Love and big tight hugs for you,