December 25th, 2007

elijah bear


In the morning
When you awake
Yawning and stretching
At dawn's early break...

I want you to know
That miles away
Someone is sending
Smiles your way...

These smiles they are
Not just for today
But for every morning
When you awake...

They are specially sent
From Me to You
For all of your kindness
And laughter too...

Just want you to know
Your smiles shine through
And to know each day
I will be thinking of you...

Happy birthday with lots of love and joy my dear friend 


May this day be a very special one, as special as you are. 

Lots of love,

It's Christmas morning and now I'll open my Christmas cards - yes! I made it! I didn't have a peek earlier :-)

Merry Christmas my dear friends! 
Thank you for all the joy you brought into my life! 

*big tight hugs for you all*