August 3rd, 2007

elijah bear

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The Need for Touch

To touch and be touched is perhaps the most human thing we do.
It can provoke many emotions.
Those who have been hurt, fear it; and want to run away.
Run away from the terror, the abuse, the roughness.
In running away, we feel safe.
Safe from being hurt again... Safe from feeling... But oh so alone...
We have lost trust... the trust we had as a child.

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elijah bear

It's a birthday!

Alone in the night on a dark hill
with pines around me, spicy and still
and a heaven full of stars over my head
white and topaz and misty red
myriads with beating hearts of fire 
that aeons cannot vex or tire
up the dome of heaven like a great hill
I watch them marching stately and still
and I know that I'm honored to be 
witness of so much majesty

(Sara Teasdale) 

May this day be very special, full of love and joy, stars and ... hobbits!
Thank you for all the love and dreams you are giving, stay as you are, stay simply YOU!



Big tight birthday hugs and all the very best,