July 4th, 2007

elijah bear

There and BACK AGAIN

I can't believe it and I can't tell you how happy I am to be back!
Wow. I missed 1437 entries, it seems I'll have wonderful night-shifts, LOL. 

Thank you my friends for all your lovely words and wonderful e-mails. 
Though I couldn't stay in touch that much the last weeks I never felt alone. 
It's a wonderful feeling, really big. 

The Embrace Of Love

Love is such a beautiful feeling
Don't let it die, it would be a shame
Just let it grow, it's so amazing
This feeling some try to deny
Some hide it with hate
Some try to drown it in a way
Because it's so big...
That you can't control it
Even hate kneels before love
It's been seen many times
I don't want to hate anymore
I want to feel the embrace of love
It's all i want from this life...
That i find the true love
No need for the millions...
Because the heart is priceless
I'd be a millionaire, if i'd have you by my side.

Sam Hill

I - for my part - will change the last line
I AM a millionaire because you are always by my side. 

Now I'll go to bed with a huuuuuge smile upon my face. 
It's YOUR fault, sweethearts.



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