May 30th, 2007

elijah bear

Good morning

What a morning - it doesn't rain anymore - I can even see the sun shining a little bit !

The same eyes we see with are the same eyes that see us.
In the darkness last night,under the blanketes my mind began to slowly drift away.
I saw eyes, beautiful eyes ... full of life and love
There was comfort and warmth ... I couldn't look away. 
They touched my sould and I found the beauty of this world at ease.
I felt my worries melt away.
I won't wake up.
The eyes spoke some more ... "it doesn't matter your wealth, your equal, don't fight because of your skin color - your blood is the same. 
I didn't say a word, I couldn't. They eyes understood and smiled. 
When I awoke - I felt refreshed and alive and though I realized it was a dream 
it was ... more than a dream. 
It was warmth, comfort, love, peace and hope.

I knew these eyes watching me were the same eyes watching YOU.

Have a wonderful day, dear flist! 

and now I'm off to work - this day won't be bad, I know it! 

Massive hugs,