March 18th, 2007


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Finally I got some time to read . I can tell you : the poets HERE left me speechless, made my laugh, made me cry and most of all - you made me dream. 

I found this quote a few minutes ago

"When one reads, or listens to the reading of, a poem , its meaning and value for him are conveyed by more than intellectual comprehension. He experiences it as he does music, or a sunset, or a relationship with a loved one. His estimate is not something which can be put fully into words. If the poem (or the story) becomes a living part of him, if that wich he experiences may be re-created at each new contact with it, it becomes for him one of that precious collelction which makes up the personal anthology that every true lover of poetry possessses within him."

I'm thankful for you all, you let the sun shine on me even at night. 

Lots of love
Julchen *dreaming*