January 24th, 2007

elijah bear

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Snowflakes are twirling through the night, glistening in the air. 
Sitting here it's very quiet, comfy, lonely but familiar. 
My cats are around, purring, enjoying this peaceful evening. 
The beauty of this winter night ...
a pretty sight to be seen. Blue eyes are calling me in my dreams,
mesmerizing and calm... dark lashes brushing pale cheeks.
Snowflakes always make me dream ... and smile. 
I like to walk on fresh fallen snow, footsteps go so quietly, the world seems to sleep.
I'm so stupidly happy because of the beauty of winter, because of the beauty of dreams. 

It's a wonderful adventure being alive -  beloved friends around. 
I'll go now for a little walk, stargazing ...

Stars are so far away and yet so near, I call them friends. 

Don't forget, you'll meet me there, as always you'll meet me in the stars

Love and hugs
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