November 25th, 2006

elijah bear

Like birds

Words fly like birds
across the landscape of the heart
nesting in secret places of the soul
perching lightly on laughter
spreading feathered wings
to cover sorrow
until the crying is done. 

The last nights have been charming. 
I love to be here, friends are around and the best of it - we have the most important thing, called trust.  
We talk, we dream, we laugh and we are not alone. I'm simply happy.
I continued my nightwalks through friends archieves, I won't miss a single word and I'm always lost in words, thoughts and dreams.

Balm for soul and heart ... 
I'm a part of everything I read, I just want to say - Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend - you can be sure - I'll find you, wherever you are.

Love and hugs