November 4th, 2006

elijah bear

(no subject)

Weekend is here, it will become a quiet one.
The next of my cats died in my arms this afternoon. Minnie was my oldest cat (she was 17 years old) and she was very ill. It was a hard time and a long way for her. Yesterday she was trembling all over and I had to put her to the vet, she has to stay there for the night. This afternoon I wanted to take her home. The vet and I had a long conversation what to do next - she had bowel cancer - after a few minutes she put her head on my arm, licked my hand, looked at me the last time and died.
I expected it but not today. It was hard but I know it is the best for HER.
I lost 5 cats this year and I can tell you - you can bear it.
She had a good life here at our home for 10 years, the former owners treated her in an awful way.
The rest of my cats - there are 7 here by my side - know exactly something is different, someone is missing. They are sitting here right now, purring and snuggling.

I'm sad but I shan't. No pain anymore for Minnie, now she rests in peace and finally this counts.
I'll never forget her, she'll always live in my heart.

After all I have to say - I would do everything again. No doubt.
Because they all are worth it.

It's very comforting to know you around, friends are always listening and this makes me glad.

Take care and a wonderful weekend to all of you!