September 14th, 2006

elijah bear

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I'm so sad. the next of my cats died in my arms last night. She war very ill and  was fighting so hard for about 6 weeks but she lost. We tried everything.

Emma came to us 8 years ago. Her former "owner" tortured her horribly, when I saw her first and took her to my home she had no face, legs broken, she could hardly breath. But she recovered within 3 months. And after 1 year she has become very friendly and grateful. There were always ups and downs but she was strong. Small and strong. 
6 weeks ago he face was swollen to double size and the vet found a little tumor in her nose. Operation made, all seemed to go very well. 3 days ago ... I don't know how to say ... she gave up. She didn't eat, she didn't drink, she slept a lot. 
Yesterday evening she was crawling into my arms and after one hour she looked at me the last time, put her little paw onto my arm and died. 

When I got her I didn't expect her to live that long and I'm thankful for this. 
This was cat no. 4 I lost this year ... Friends say this is to be expected, only invalids or older cats are living here in my home. That's true. But it's always heart to loose a beloved pet. 

But as I said - now she has no pain, nothing to fear and I'll never forget her. 
I'm very grateful that I was allowed to know her. 

I'll go now into my garden and I will give her the last rest. 
Maybe I will cry a little, but only a little. 

Sorry for this unusual post but I wanted you to know...