August 16th, 2006

elijah bear

Hello friends

What a night!!! I am sitting here and it's always the same when I'm here ... you all make me smile.
I read wonderful stories, got very lovely e-mails and replies to my commets. 
It feels soooo wonderful. 
I checked my flist and I love your beautiful little names ...
My journey through your archives is priceless, there are many many commets to make and I will come back.. maybe it will last a little longer as usual but i'll come back



Someday I’ll fly with the clouds
I’ll swim with the dolphins and whales
I’ll sail to a place that has never been seen
But for now I will dream

Someday our earth will be free
From pollution, hatred, war
The world will have peace and happiness, bliss
But for now I will wish

Someday we’ll find someone to love
Someone to laugh with, someone to hug
That one special one, that wants you to stay
I sure can’t wait for someday

Take good care my dears! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful night!

*hugs you all*