July 14th, 2006

elijah bear

Life isn’t that easy sometimes but it’s beautiful

I think I want tell you something. This week was very long and exhausting. At work and at home. At work – this isn’t that important, even I spent much time there. There was so much trouble, 3 weeks could be filled with it. My boss asked me today (seriously) – why are you still laughing. My answer: because if I would cry nothing would be changing.

That was it. End of speech!

At home one of my cats is very ill. Franz is the oldest. He is 24 years old and he had a bad injury. One of his cheeks was infected and I went to the vet for the operation. The wound healed very well but he doesn’t eat anything. I went again to the vet and he gave him a chance of 30% that he will make it. I have to feed him every hour at day and at night. So I will do it. . I am NOT sad, of course I am concerned but he  HAS a chance. That makes me glad and I will do anything to keep him alive.

And what if he won’t make it?  I was allowed to live with him for about 10 years and he gave me so much. He’s the boss of my cats and they are respecting him. Since he’s ill they care for him, sitting beside him and they are talking to him (I know this sounds weird) . No fights anymore.

That touches me. He’s sitting now on my lap, looking at me. That makes me smile.

He’s purring, I know that’s his little smile for me.

Life IS beautiful, you only have to open your eyes. Sometimes the way you have to go seems to be very dark but there’s always a little light at the end of the tunnel. My lights are you friends.

I know I can come here to listen AND to talk. For this I am very grateful.

So you see – I only can repeat it:  life is beautiful. Sitting here with Franz on my lap, stars above me, it’s  Froday , strolling around in Middle Earth feels good. I think I’m doing well and I hope you’re doing well too.

Take care and have a nice weekend, all of you – you can be sure I will make the best of it!


Love and kisses and big hobbity hugs



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