June 14th, 2006

elijah bear


It seems I'm a hopelessly dreamer and the best of it - it enjoy it. 
Sitting there on my roof, knowing my friends around me... don't worry the roof is very very huge.. it's always the best time of the day. . 
Many stars above , blinking, twinkling ... I picked up one star for all my friends, gave them your names and I know them all exactly.
The silence is gorgeous. There's almost nothing to hear, no car, no voices... the only thing I can feel now and then are little bats crossing (wonderful creatures) and I can hear frogs from a big pond nearby. 
It's warm outside, I can hear crickets, too. Next week there's the wedding night of the fireflies, there are thousands of little lights dancing through the wood ... I won't miss it . I watched this spectacle first 5 or 6 years ago. It's magic, the magic of nature. I'll tell you next week ...
I wonder if Frodo and Sam would be watching this too, in the Shire wood? I think so. 

Join me if you want to, let's dream together.