May 15th, 2006

elijah bear

Monday Monday

I had a wonderful start and it seems the day runs very well. 
People around me are friendly and polite, the weather outside is sunny 
and I am simply happy

A Poem I Wish to Write

How I wish I could write
A poem that would express
My love for beauty, love for words
A poem that would
Make you feel it
A poem that would touch you
A poem they could understand
I want a poem that talks to people
That tells them what beauty is
A poem that warns against war
A poem that makes you cry

I want laughter written in words
I want to let them feel pain
Of people suffering lost ones
Of war-survivors battered minds
I want rain, clouds, autumn
On my paper and in my mind

I want a poem that comforts
That shows when I'm in love
A poem that flows from my heart
A poem that is in harmony
A poem that is life

Vasti Calitz

Have a wonderful day my friends! Enjoy it!


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