March 4th, 2006

elijah bear

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Hello my dear cologne_chick !

I found this for you and I hope this will make you feel a little bit better

As I slept upon the rivers-bed I began
to search its path as I drifted off
quietly, as I slept
Dreaming peacefully as my journey
flows endlessly downstream as I
twist along the riverbed
Feeling my soul as it decants into
the oceans depths
As sunshine brings me warmth taking
the place of you, my security
blanket of comfort
As I discover your pleasure for
my heart smiles as I dreamt of you 
(Judy Barnes)

Have a nice weekend my dear!

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elijah bear

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Didn't we talk about this my dear mochalover ?

This I found for you: 



Someday I’ll fly with the clouds
I’ll swim with the dolphins and whales
I’ll sail to a place that has never been seen
But for now I will dream

Someday our earth will be free
From pollution, hatred, war
The world will have peace and happiness, bliss
But for now I will wish

Someday we’ll find someone to love
Someone to laugh with, someone to hug
That one special one, that wants you to stay
I sure can’t wait for someday


(fire hair)

Have a wonderful day my special one! 


elijah bear

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To be here is always like a dream, isn't it my dear mews1945  and not only for a moment ...



Only for a moment~
I was lost in a different place.

Only for a moment~
I was lifted higher then I ever thought possible.

Only for a moment~
I was caught up in a beautiful dream.

Only for a moment~
It felt so real, I could almost touch.

Only for a moment~
I no longer had to hide my feelings.

Only for a moment~
It was the best part of my life.


(Darlene Newman)

Glad you are here ...
elijah bear

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I bought seedlings for my garden today, lots of them  and I rememered this - and I love it sooo much!

The one small garden of a free gardener was all his need and due,
not a garden swollen to a realm;  his own hands to use, not the
hands of others to command."
-   J.R.R. Tolkien,  The Lord of the Rings, Sam Gamgee 

Have a wonderful day - all of you!

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