January 28th, 2006

elijah bear

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Hello my friends,

I’m still not sure whether I should post this or not.
We will see…

Today is such a special day, I call it CRYING MOOD. Some of you know this?
You want to cry, as much as you can. Without any reason.

You wake up and you are able to cry about nearly everything. Nearly everything? EVERYTHING.

I woke up this morning (woke up? I didn’t sleep a lousy single minute …) – with massive headache. Good. Time for coffee. Pang – favourite cup broken.
Perfect for crying.

Went for the shower, put on my favourite jeans and pullover and I wanted to see a good movie. Push the button – black screen. I had to go to the TV shop and after a very very longo and hard conversation I convinced the electrican that he had to come today. Went home by car all in tears, what else?

He came 2 hours later, repaired it – 200 EURO, perfect for crying.

Put in the DVD. Which one? This one:
Frodo and Sam at Mr. Doom, Grey Havens .
– oh my – isn’t it perfect for crying. It is, to tell the truth

I decided to take a bath. So far so good, water was in the tub and it was cold – I forgot to switch on the boiler.
Perfect for crying. And to know it was my fault, I could cry even more.

But I took a bath, until I turned blue all over. Freezingly cold. Icy cold. I couldn’t find my favourite homedress, I’ve chosen one outfit which is too tight and felt very uncomfortable.
Perfect for crying.

Read some fanfiction, found great ones. Sad ones.
Perfect for crying.

What next? Let’s listen to a little music. Started the CD player, first song? Enrigue Iglesias – I love to see you cry. I was listening to this song for about 3 hours, I am crazy.
Perfect for crying.

So why lamenting? Isn’t it a perfect day?

Finally I’m here, after rebooting my Speedy Gonzales computer – the very very slow one – thousands of times.
But – I won’t cry anymore.
After I visited some journals of you I feel better, really better.

I will go on walking through ALL journals of you my friends – Jesus what am I talking about.
Don’t worry – I’ll be o.k. soon, I’m finally home.

And today is Elijah’s birthday. I will have some wine “cheers”and

I never wrote that much… Shall I post it? I have to think about it for a little while.
Enough of it. I’ll post it.

Take care – all of you – you know: I’m watching you

Love to all of you - Julchen
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