October 28th, 2005

elijah bear

I can't sleep

Hi friends,
I can't sleep. It isn't that bad, but it's boring. So I tried all people say that would help.
1) I counted sheeps. After Number 333 I noticed I was so concentrated not to count wrong. This doesn't work.
2) Read a (for me) boring book, I took Tolstoy's WAR and PEACE (after 15 years I made it to page 12, over 1000 pages left): I started at page 1 and - hey - I made it to page 18. No success for sleeping.
3) Go for a shower. I forgot the heater, water was cold - and now - not sleepy at all.
I made a face mask. Oh my God - this face belongs to ME? You should be glad you can't see me - I am very happy about this.
4) Am I hungry? Yes I am - so what would I like to eat ? Different things but I'm not allowed - allergy!
5) Play with your cats - 6 of them are snoring that loud - maybe they keep me awake ? Rest of them (5) too lazy.
6) Read some of the slash stories you've printed (by the way - thousands of pages) - good. I started and ... looked at the pictures around me (of course Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Elijah, Sean). Some of them are too far away and I noticed (still in my bed) some details I've never seen before. Jumping up, looking, nice. Very nice. This doesn't help. **smiles**
7) Clean your kitchen - no - at this time - I'm really not interested doing THIS
8) Watching DVD - The Fellowship - it's a long time ago I watched this (1 day - 24 hours ...), but - there's no chance, My very good friend Wolfgang is sleeping in the parlor.
9) Wake him up - I'm sure he would kill me.
10) Decision made - I am here now.
And I will stay. No chance for sleep, so I will do something I love.
11) I will look to my friends LJ - yes, that's it.
Ahhh, I am so glad and sometimes I feel a bit crazy (a bit?)
Thank you all for being here. what a night.
Hope to see you all soon again (I am sure) - and nice Friday to you all
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elijah bear

(no subject)

Here I am again... No sleep and worst of all ... computer down until now. What did I do?
I looked at all the beautiful pictures of yours, mostly pictures of Elijah and Frodo. If I will continue doing this I will need glasses ... Staring into his eyes (wonderful blue) on this pictures (only printings ... OMG ... I'm lost in his eyes as always) ... *sigh* and imagining to look into these eyes face-to-face. I'm sure I would die. Fact! No I feel not yet tired but jumpy, crazy and cheerful. This will become 'I-am-in-a-Frodo-Elijah-mood-day'!!! And I love this state.
I hope you all will have a nice day, for me this day started (started, the day before never ended ...) very well. *Hugs you all*
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