September 25th, 2005

elijah bear


Hello to you all,
this is the first time I'm writing here.
No story (I can't write), no drawing (I can't draw) , no foto (I even can't do this) ..
I'm here at LJ for quite a while - only to read those wonderful stories, looking at all the gorgeous pictures and - of course - I collect all of it.
A massive hug and a big big thank you to the wonderful shoesparks. Without her I wouldn't know you.
Sometimes you want to escape from reality, whatever the reasons maybe, and you want to go to a wonderful place - a kind of Middle-Earth. I tell you what - I always find it here.
For this I am thankful - you are all such wonderful people, there is a bond of friendship and love - and I am allowed to be here and to stay. This couldn't be better. Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry - all of you changed my life - in a positive way.
I will call you all FRIENDS and I will try to be a friend for you, whenever you need a friend.
Thank you to all of you - and take good care, I am looking for you - every day. To be a part of you makes me glad.
Have a nice time and don't you ever change.
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