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The Vineyard

It's been a while ...
But I'm the masterpiece of a snail (I'm sure you know this already :-))

These chapters are for my dear addie71  and for my beloved f-list

Title: The Vineyard
          Chapter 14 + 15
Characters: Zeke/Casey
Rating: ???


Chapter 14





On his way to his rooms he sneaked around the corner – like he did every day – but of course the Tower wasn’t there. “I should stop this! Fuck the tower! Fuck yourself, Tyler! Crazy and drunk – great combination” he murmured angry. All he needed now was a shower. This would do him good.







In the bathroom he stripped off all of his clothes and headed to the shower  so he could quietly work the tenseness out of his neck and shoulders. He turned on the water – hot, very hot – which let him yelp. Oh yes, that was it. He held his breath when his hands cold like icicles touched his skin. Jesus – the slowly running water felt soooo good. He folded his hands behind his neck  and closed his eyes. He stood there for quite a while and started lathering up under a hot stream of water. This was close to heaven. His hands started wandering over his body. His shaking fingers touched his chest, his belly, up and down … up and … down. God, when was the last time he felt like this. Whether it was the red wine, the heat or the lack of sleep he couldn’t tell.  He felt hot. “Let it happen, Ezekiel Tyler. You’re human…” he hissed. He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door and leant back against the wall. Broad shoulders, well-muscled arms, six-pack, nipples dark and painfully hard. He gently twisted and tugged at them which let him nearly scream. But the only sound that could be heard was that of a lone shower running coupled with his heavy breathing. The mirror revealed his ambition of torment. His hands went deeper alluring – stopped – traced patterns on his legs featherlike, barely touching he held his breath. Under the burning needles of water he watched - relaxed, fascinated, insistent demanding his fingertips touched again his nipples. The well-known-long-missed heat in his groins let him shut his eyes for a moment. His hands went deeper, touched the inner side of his thighs alert not to go too far. Swallowing hard he watched his fingers crawling … closer… closer… no, not yet… It was hard to resist to touch the burning heat in his cock. His own reflection was seductive, tempting. The hot water ran constantly – like a lover’s touch - over his shiny body. It was bliss. No. It was torture, pure torture – but he needed this, he wanted this. Now.






He started to kiss the back of his hand imagining it would be Casey’s lips. He moaned his name ‘Mmmmm… you have such a nice touch and…’ What?! Did he say, think, imagine it would be Casey? His eyes shot open. Did he want him that much?




While he began to hyperventilate, he sank down to the floor. After carefully spreading his legs, with a mere nod of his head to his reflection, he was totally unprepared for the sensation he received when the water turned cold and droplets like pearls trickled down his  hard cock.  He winced a bit at the sensitivity as he stroked upward and smoothed the slick pre-cum over the satin smooth head. His fist came up over the head … squeezed … then plunged to the root buried in dark, brown curls. He moved slowly at first, long deliberate strokes – the feeling was too delicious to end it quickly.


As he tried thinking clearly, he was mesmerized and turned on by his own doing. He wished Casey were there. Casey and his fingers, his mouth, his tongue. 
Then he moaned and slowed it down. He didn’t want it to be over. 
“Casey… Casey… oh my fucking God… CASEY!” He said even louder, smiling while 
he squirmed, watching the pleasure on his face.
He felt himself moving quickly to an enormous orgasm and he stroked his
cock faster, he was now furiously jerking, absolutely whipping himself into a sexual 
frenzy.. “I’m really close, Casey…” He was moaning so loud that he thought Thomas 
and Sofie would wake up to cries of pleasure and lust! He could feel his balls tense up, 
he felt his prostate swell up … “Yes… Yes… Yes…” He came closer and closer to the 
goal. He was consumed with ecstasy and when he came he was filled with an 
unbelievably sense of release … release… release… 
After a while he hugged himself, rocking back and forth he couldn’t hold back the tears. 
He sobbed and whimpered in the afterglow about his already broken heart. 
He felt now trounced by himself. The cold was unbearable and he didn’t mean 
the water or the cold of his skin. 
But what he didn’t notice was the slowly opening door …

Chapter 15

The water  fell like tears to the ground below – or was it the water mingled with
his tears? - and a small mist curled about him  like a snake.

Then it stopped.

A tender touch on his shoulders, a gentle caress on his face startled him. Torn between hope and despair he lifted his head and was immediately engulfed by sapphire
blue eyes – tear-stained like his own. Did his imagination play a hurtful trick on him?
What was this? A cruel and tricky situation? Did he dream with open eyes?
He felt cold,
nauseated by himself but the tender caresses continued.

Soft lips played a marvelous game with his. Hot lips. Hungry lips. “Zeke…”

This must be a dream. It couldn’t only be but a dream. “Zeke…”  A dream caused
by too much alcohol … He felt a painful bite on his neck. “Casey…” Then it hit him
– Casey was here. This was REAL. He shook his head but Casey didn’t stop.

 “Get up, Zeke. Let me help you…” What a voice, soft as cotton balls, smooth as
velvet. Uhhhuhhh. Zeke was still sitting on the floor  leaning against the cold tiles
and he was stark naked. Perfect for a dream, wasn’t it?




“Zeke… Please get up…” Strong arms helped him up, him – a bag of nerves. Unable to touch him, see him, know his warmth he sat down on the edge of the tub. He had a massive headache, he couldn’t see clearly. Someone must have put a veil upon his eyes. Someone started dry  him off. “Casey…”





How embarrassing was this? Zeke Tyler – drunk as a lord, tired to death and seemingly in a stay down strike. How the heck did it come that he sat on the tub? “You’re a ghost… a trick… a dream…” he spoke drunkenly with clattering teeth. And Casey – giggled.


To him it was the most wonderful sound he’d ever heard. It made Zeke blush. This definitely WAS embarrassing. But only for a minute. What was it about Casey’s hands that made them so sensual? ‘We interact so much with the world by the touching we do with our hands’, he thought. In this moment they were, in fact, communicating through theirs. 


Why are drunken men always hypochondriac? Zeke was crying about himself, about Casey, about the world, holding Casey as he soaked Casey’s shirt. He looked at Casey. His eyes were glum and full of worry, misty with tears that proved to Zeke he too felt
Zeke’s pain. He was placing a hand upon Zeke's quivering shoulder to comfort his
broken heart. Though it didn't help much, Zeke was grateful.



Then it hit Zeke… “My defenses are shattered into pieces and I feel myself falling headfirst into uncertainty and enslavement…” Shit! Where did THIS come from?



“Casey… May I ask you something?” he murmured shaking his head to get his senses back. Casey put two fingers on his lips and only shook his head.


“I must go now, Zeke…” Zeke grabbed his wrist and begged him, BEGGED him in a kind of way he didn’t think himself possible “Stay, Casey. Please. If only for a little while….”




He was sure Casey would leave him alone another time. What should this be? A joke? A fucking joke? No with him any longer. Like a wet sack he fell backward and immediately was sound asleep. This night Mr. Alcohol, Joshua and Casey protected him from nightmares and curses.



The curtains gently billowed in the soft breeze flowing from outside – Casey noticed the air was filled with a special electricity. But he had no chance, he couldn’t stay.


Through tender touch he told him of his unquestioned love for him. If Zeke would have been awake the messages were so much clearer than any to be heard with the ears or seen with the eyes. His fingers danced and traversed the landscape of his arms, Zeke’s skin imparted to his skin a satiny sheen that reflected the firelight.  He raised his hand, placed it on his shoulder and slowly went away whispering “Stay safe… I always want you safe, Zeke.” Breathing a gentle little kiss on his cheeks he got up and left him alone. Maybe some day... If they both would be safe… he would come back.


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