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I missed a birthday!!!

Happy belated birthday my dear  not_alone  !
Thank you so much for all what you are doing, it's always a pleasure following your footsteps on Frodo's journey.
I hope you had a marvellous day with all the people you care about, lots of love, joy and happiness.
I'm wishing you all the very best, sweetie.

This little something is for you, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Title: “Nights”

Pairing: Sam/Frodo

Rating: PG


I love the days


I love the nights

much more.


He called me his


My Master said this.

He called me his


That I am

brightening his days,

his lonely nights,



In the darkness of night

he always says

the words

I long to hear.


In the morning I am


In the morning

I no longer

hold the key

to the door

within his heart…

within his soul.


At daytime

he is like the moon –


and cold.


Time has not yet healed

the pain –

the Ring is still too strong

it always wins.


Just let go, Frodo.

There is hope


it will become

just a memory

of a moment

like a whisper

on a breeze…


It breaks my heart in two

seeing us like this –

I am alone

in love with you

You are alone

in love with me.


The half moon shows me

your face –

a fire of pale desire.

Whispers in the darkness are

treasured moments of the night.

I doesn’t matter what you say,

in the nights you


but in the morning light

you never see.


These nights are special

Nights that are only seen

by dreamers

as they



I won’t let you go

at night, my dear.

I’ll never leave you

in the morning

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