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It's early in the morning, 4.40 a.m. to be exactly and I can't sleep anymore. The snow has gone, it's raining cats and dogs and it will be the last day at work for this year! YAY So this little fluffy thing is for our dear  honeyandvinegar  Just to cheer you up a little. Have a wonderful night and a marvellous day, f-list!

Title: A simple winter morning Characters: Casey/Zeke Rating: ? 6 a.m.

What a grey, ugly and depressing month. No sun. Rain. Storms. Hailstones.

He wished it would be summer still. Summer meant to him at least 30°C, sunburn, boxer shorts, slippers and naked Casey.

He was sure he couldn’t bring himself to do something meaningful. But he has to…

Lethargy. Boredom. Darkness.


The alarm block rang at 7. a.m.

Shit! It was Saturday after all. Oh, how he wished he could pull the sheets over his head and stay in bed all day long. Imagining ‘he’ would be here, playing with his hair, dreaming with open eyes, holding hands with the only one he cared about. But he has to wait. What a horrible word. He was no friend of waiting.

This didn’t make things better so he got  up cursing and in a very bad mood.


8. a.m. 

The door bell rang. Poor Casey. They had plans for today. 2 plans to be exactly. How could be make this weird promise to watch crows on the fields at this time of a Saturday! Crows. Big black birds. That was it. Zeke ‘The’ Tyler watched crows on a holy Saturday.

He was going to become crazy. Crazy for Casey.


A cheerful “Good morning, Zeke!” took him out of his reverie and a paper bag with the delicious smell of cinnamon sugar bagels under his nose proofed him – night was definitely over. Where was the paper bag he could put over his head. He was awake now (at least he tried so) and he – unbelievable in itself – smiled!

“Morning, Case…”


How could someone be that bouncy and cheerful in the morning?

He’d never get it.


“Zeke. I know you hate winter but there are so many beautiful things waiting for us.”


Winter associated with beauty! No way!


“For example?”


“The first sip of hot black coffee.”

K, true.


“Remember? We wanted to wrap Christmas gifts today…”


Shit! He hated Christmas stuff, Christmas paper, Christmas gifts, Christmas … This word alone made his toes curl. But he made a promise and he would keep it. He  has to be allowed to be grumpy. This was ridiculous … wrapping Christmas presents for people he doesn’t know, people who meant nothing to him. Besides Mr. and Mrs. C.  But ok, he’d do Casey that favour.


Out of the blue, staring into his coffee pot he was close to a heart attack when Casey nearly “flew” around the table and hugged him from behind, making the chair wobble.

“Hey, what…”

“That’s one of the things I love most” he giggled into the ear he nibbled on.


“Hugging my sleepy head in the morning. You’re such a beautiful morning person!!!”

He felt better. No. He felt … good!

“Wanna know what I love?”

Again he had to smile! Incredible.

“Being awake, realizing that we’ll have the whole day just for us…,

Kisses on my nose tip from my ...sweetheart, going back to bed with you…”

Sweetheart? How came this word into his vocabulary???  

Yeah. He liked this. Whenever his boy touched him – he didn’t mean it physically only – he felt like riding the waves of a rainbow. He could already ‘feel’ the colours behind his eyes … pink, red, yellow, blue, blue, blue…


No. This day wasn’t going to be bad.

He loved Casey.

With or without pretty wrapping paper and ribbons… though he prefers Casey without anything.

Said and done. He knows Casey LOVES surprises.


8.15 a.m.

“Hey, we wanted to wrap the gifts…” Casey protested half-hearted.

“I like to unwrap my present much more…” Zeke whispered, kneeling down, opening Casey’s zipper slowly with his teeth.

Plan 3 was simply the best.



It was a fantastic day, it was a Zasey-day. Plan 1 and 2 – gone with the wind.

Plan 3? Still running. So let’s clear the ring for round … whatever… 8 or 9? But they don't care…


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