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It's a birthday!

Happy birthday my dearest  gabi_fics  ! I hope this day will be a great one with all the love and joy you deserve (and you deserve a lot). Thank you for being my friend! This little something is for you, sweetie! I hope you'll enjoy it. Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs, Julchen

Title: Christmas wonder
Characters: Zeke/Casey
Rating: PG

When he heard a knock at his door on Christmas Eve he thought himself dreaming. When he heard the knock the second time he looked out of the window and saw a young man. He seemed so lonely, dressed in nothing but rags he knew at once this guy needed help.


When he opened the door a croaky voice asked him if he could spare anything for him to eat.

The beautiful sad smile made his heart ache.

No. No one should be hungry and cold on Christmas.  So he asked him to come in.

The younger one introduced himself as Casey, there was something around him that moved Zeke. It only could be good not to be alone on Christmas Eve. He tried to get a conversation running without success, Casey didn’t want to talk it seemed or he was just too shy.

They drank some coffee, ate together – the little stranger gulped everything down in a hurry – then they shared a glass of wine. He put more logs on the fire so the boy could warm his hands and feet.


He watched him and wondered where he did come from.

He was a stranger and yet… it felt more than right to let him stay. It was the first time in years he felt peace,  that his heart felt light. And free.


No words were spoken but they didn’t need them to understand each other.

So often he listened to his mind, never knowing what he would find – and now this human being was tugging at his heart and it wasn’t because out of pity.


Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for a new start. To leave everything behind. To sort out his life anew?


He didn’t know what it was that touched him so. He liked him. Much. That was odd, wasn’t it? Out of the blue there was someone who was able to work his way through to Zeke’s heart?

Was it because of the emotional season, and emotional he felt at the moment . He didn’t know love – love was cold, love has gone… but what was this now? He met him and he felt the heart of gold. He was touched by his smile, he enjoyed his company. Deep inside there was this growing feeling – peaceful like the wings of a dove – that made him ask – sounding like a plea “Stay…”


Turning around the stranger smiled at him again, thanked him for all he had done and wanted to leave. Slurping to the door with hanging shoulder, without saying a word, he shook his head.


He jumped up, put his hands on his shoulders and asked again “Stay… please…”

A single tear rolled down his cheeks when he head a whisper “Are you sure?”


It started as a thought and turned now into emotions… “We shouldn’t be alone… Stay… please…”


The dark haired walked toward him, looked him straight into his eyes as if he could read his mind… and he forgot everything around. He saw his loving heart pure as dew water, he felt his warm hand soft as silk in his. Tonight he came to him in the silence of the night, in the speaking silence of a dream. The one he was waiting for.


"It's a mystery," Casey said finally, lifting his head for a tender kiss.

“No…” – a mere whisper … “I thought there’s no faith or trust – now you make me believe. I thought I knew beauty – until I saw you. This must be what people call the spirit and wonder of Christmas and Love…”


The relationship between time and distance began…

The torment of fruitless days spent in anger and loneliness were gone.

Zeke found a place far away from his fears, away from pain, away from darkness.

All because of this stranger who took a little step into his heart, all because the echo of an angel carrying a true soul.


They entered the light, they found  each other … embracing the moment of endless harmony.


The End. 
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