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It's a birthday!

Happy birthday my dear friend babydracky !
Thank you so much for all the joy you brought into my life.
Have the most wonderful day with lots of fun, love, joy .
Your wishes are my wishes for you!

Here's a little something for you, sweetie!

Title: Poinsettia
Characters: Zeke/Casey
Rating: G

Another time the cut won't work *sigh*

Part 1

He couldn’t stand crowds.

He couldn’t stand lies.

He couldn’t stand false friends.

And there are many.

He realized it when he had his coming out.

He likes to be with true friends. There were only few –Stan, Stokes and Casey.

Casey. What a lie. He was no friend. He was his secret. His confidant. His lover.

The last only in his dreams so far. He is a coward. Usually he couldn’t stand this, too.

But how to tell him what he really wanted?

Sometimes when he talks to Casey it seems he already knows.

Why had he held his hand in the cinema?

Why had he hugged him for good-bye today?

Why did he call him daily at the weekend?

And the smiles, gazes – he blushes whenever Zeke smiles at him.

Zeke feels like he’s going to learn how to walk.

What did Stokes say? “Men are almost like snails, but much slowlier.”

Step by step he felt more secure.

As he said he hated crowds and yet he invited Casey to visit the Christmas market

at the garden centre today. It was time for some poinsettias, wasn’t it?

Yule was close and those plants he loves most. Red and strong leaves, little yellow- white little blossoms. To him they speak of beauty, peace and joy. Like Casey.

They arrive in the garden centre of his friend Sam in the afternoon.

“Hey, Zeke. It’s nice to see you. Casey, I guess? Come along – I got a special beauty for you.” He finds a beautiful shrub with large red flowers – poinsettias! It takes his breath away. Sam smiles at Casey, nudges his elbow and giggles “He’s such a sucker for these beauties, as much as for you…”

“Oh Sam…” Zeke groans – not alone because of the flowers.

“Take it as a gift, boy!” with these words Sam waves and says good-bye.

What is Casey thinking? A sucker for a plant and for him… Where’s the hole he could jump in… But Casey … smiles, takes his hands, tiptoes and kisses him briefly, whispering against his lips “Why didn’t you say anything, Zeke…”

As if he would know what to say NOW?! Casey kissed him. Casey kissed him. He’s still holding his hands… Do it, Zeke! Mustering up all his courage he puts his arms around Casey and kisses him back. Soft and slow, lips quivering – this was hot. This was … incredible.

Casey starts giggling … “Let’s go home poinsettia boy, and tell me something about these plants.”

No, this must be dream. But now one woke him up. It was real. He is real. Casey is real. The kisses were real. He nearly bursts out “Are we a couple now, Casey?” which makes Casey laugh and Zeke blush. Casey looks at him with eyes crystal clear and illuminating – “Of course, silly. Do you think I’d kiss a boy I don’t care about, I don’t … love…?”

Oh my god! Casey loves him! Him. Zeke. He. Loves. Him. This makes him melt like vanilla ice cream in summer, no – like strawberry ice cream in winter!

Casey loves him.


Casey looks at him like he would be a hero.

“I …”

Three words, only three words and they won’t come out.

“I know, Zeke… I know…”

And he kisses him again. Fire and ice, thunder and lightning, every color of this universe plays ping-pong behind his eyes.

He is burning and soon there’ll be only a little heap of ashes left if he won’t be careful.

But he doesn’t care.

It’s the ‘now’ that counts. The rush of blood in his ears and the kisses of his soon to be lover makes him feel like walking on cotton wool on cloud number 9.

Yes. December is great. Poinsettias are beautiful. And Casey is enchanting.

End of part 1

Have a wonderful weekend f-list!

Love and hugs,
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