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I'm still alive!!!
I'm so sorry I can't be here as much as I'd like to. Life is a little bit hectic at the moment - but I'm not!
My little cat Micky is very sick and I have to go the vet every day to get her injections - she's an absolutely Julchen cat and she didn't eat / drink when I tried to leave her at the animal hospital last week - so I had to take her back home and it's ok. Keep your fingers crossed for my little sweetheart that she'll survive (decision will be made tomorrow morning).
The rest of us are ok.

My snail computer crashed last week - the next reason why I couldn't be here.
7 birthday cakes and tons of cookies are done - yesssss, Yule is soooo close!!!

Be sure I'll come back to all of you and I miss you.

BUT there was a little time for some writing. Nothing big .... just scribblings.

This is for my dear aliensouldream !
Thank you so much for everything, sweetie!

Title: "Blue rain"
Characters: Zeke/Casey
Rating: I have no clue :-)

So here we go ...

It was one of these days he simply felt angry. Angry about everything.

Angry about school, angry about the cold, angry about the rain (he would be in rage even when the sun would shine to tell the truth), he was angry about a bug on the wall.

He wanted to pull the sheets over his head and stay there until this was over.

They had a fight. A horrible fight. About nothing. About people they aren’t the slightest interested in, about people who aren’t important. He couldn’t even remember how it began.

All he could still hear in is head was the banging door when Casey left.

Fine. Jump in the lake, Casey! He definitely wouldn’t stop him. He didn’t stop him.

The angriest he was about? Missing him that much that it hurt. He missed the lithe body beside him, the silent snoring, the warmth radiating from his lover, Casey’s hands twined with his. The more he missed him the angrier he became. Shit! He didn’t mean it that way.

He’d miss school. He couldn’t bring himself to leave his bed let alone do something meaningful.

Why couldn’t he get him out of his head for a single minute. Not to think of a pink elephant was easier.

When he closed his eyes – blue eyes, deepest eyes so entrancing, bright sparkling diamonds haunted him.

He could see his lips, full and red, made for kissing. Chilli pepper hot kisses.

Tossing and turning he cursed the day.

It should be possible to spend a single day without him.

He knew his vision would become clear only when he looked into his heart.

At the moment he looked outside – and dreamt.

When he would look inside he’d awake.

Dreams. He wanted to dream. “Dreams are necessary…” he hissed. Dreaming, after all, was a form of planning. How he could make this running again. Perhaps he made a mountain out of a molehill.

Lost in thoughts he didn’t realize when the door to his bed room opened quietly and there he was. Looking like shit, with deep dark rings beneath his eyes, he looked tired as hell. Gasping for breath he opened his arms for Casey.

In a split second he was there, lips feathering his. Warmth, he felt warm inside –the cooling withdrew. Casey’s flesh was his pillow, his bones his bed frame. He came back – quiet as rain… not yet fallen.

His throat constricted, he sent shivers through him – he thirsted for more. As always.

“Casey…” a moan.

Framing Zeke’s face with his hands, looking at him lovingly, he only nodded “It’s ok, Zeke. I love, you too…”

And blue rain sinks, straight onto him, where he’s waiting – ready to take every drop of his boy, who’s heart is but a gentle breeze, his warmth a summer’s day.

Even in November.

Tags: casey/zeke; update; ficlet;

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