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Two birthdays!!!

Happy birthday my dear friends bellewood   and primula_baggins  !
Thank you so much for friendship! People like you make the sun shine brighter!
Have the most marvellous day with lots of love, joy and happiness.

This little poem is for you.
I'm sure you know of whom I thought when I wrote it and maybe you just felt the same.

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,

„The Truth“


The Advent wind begins to stir slowly.

It’s dark at breakfast, it’s dark at dinner.

Time to relax, the world calms down.

Through the year you heard many stories,

Stories that begin and end with themselves.

But will they ever end at all?

You’ve been in many places …

Met wonderful people.

Not only face-to-face.


All because of a single person

Who isn’t aware

How affectionate he is.

He’s a stranger.

And yet he’s not.

You feel something for him.

He brightens your days,

Lets the sun shine on a rainy day.

He makes you happy.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?



There are so many questions

You asked yourself.

Why me?

Am I crazy?

How can this be?

Am I insane?

You can’t explain.

I can tell you

It simply isn’t necessary.


One day your reflection

Reached out to touch…




Like your hands touched his picture.

Like he…

Touched you.

Your heart.

Your soul.


It weren’t only

His beautiful rainbow blue eyes –

That seem to speak

Of a thousand words,

Make you wonder

Each time you dream.


Now the door to your soul

Can be seen –

We know this.

You talk to your friends,

They understand,

They know what you mean.


You’re lost in inexpressible loveliness,

The exquisiteness of his being.

He lets you forget

The world around –

If you need it or not.


Deep down you know

You’ll never be the same again.


Look into the mirror –

Watch your eyes,

See your smile –

The truth is there.


If you’ll never meet him,

If you’ll never ever meet him again

He found your key

and you are bound



To him.

To life.


Joy, happiness, unbelievable bliss

Let us walk

Hand in hand

Into every new day.

HE is NO dream.


It’s love and harmony

You feel

In finest intimacy.


Listen and dance with the rhythm,

Fly with the wind

Always aware –

He’ll be there.


This makes ME glad.


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