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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it!
Thanks a lot to aliensouldream  for organizing this great treat :-)) 
My prompt was SCREAM. So here we go ...

Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R (maybe ...)

I love horror movies, I love Halloween and I love this spooky night!

You can envision moonlight coming in through the broken window,
casting a bright shape over everything – the table, the chair, the bed – revealing a cold lifeless room, showing a pale unmoving man. Dressed in black. Completely. Almost invisible. 
He loves the dark of the night that combine with variety of colours and shadows.

Walking through empty streets the man’s eyes look devilish. What’s going on in his head? With big steps he nearly flows over the asphalt. Shadowlike, ghostlike he moves. Soundless. Restless. Turning left, turning right – and yet exactly knowing his goal.


Two blocks ahead another man, tall and slender, dressed in white, strolling along the mall. His eyes are dark but warm, honey hazel, nearly closed, hair wet from humid  air. His walk is soft, gentle – almost careful his feet touch the street, drifting along between here and now.


Something, someone is calling him – in his head, repeating the words again and again “Fly – if you can!” He knows for sure he can’t escape. On instinct, he turned and was caught in HIS glare. His heart skips a beat when he realizes  the man in black walks purposeful towards him.


Both are shivering with anticipation, they are powerfully drawn to each other even they are strangers. Are they strangers?.  They seem familiar to each other somehow. Something about the dark man moved calmed Mr. White. They both stopped caring about the world around them.


The caller, commander meets the listener… the victim?


When their eyes meet - fire meets water, sin meets innocence, time meets eternity.

Few inches apart they stop, no words are needed. Not yet.


The smaller one tiptoes, puts his hands covered with black gloves around the taller one’s neck, thumbs on his throat. There are feelings they can’t explain, like random pain is flying in the air.


Brown eyes never loosing contact with red ones. Those freakish eyes penetrate like nails, he almost winces.


Mr. Black commands “Scream!” in a voice that allows no contradiction. The sky is coming down all around them, they are both lost somewhere in the middle below .. their eyes surround everything … and nothing.


Seduced, defeated, lost – he waits for pain, fear, anger – but all he feels is lust. He needs air to breath, now, quick! He needs to live. His head is spinning and then the grip … lessens.


Merciless his opponent works his lips along his neck. More and more and more … he wants it.  Oh, he so wants it.

“Scream!” Unaccommodating tortures.

But all he can do is moan, groan – he’s in danger – he knows it. A scream could be the rescue. Does he want to be rescued? A desire of a secure space where there is no fear of future and thoughts revolve only around now – The Scream may be loud but it remains unheard. That voiceless charge cuts through all erstwhile-held illusions of safety when he stares into the eyes of passion, roughness… gentleness. Not a scream, not a gasp, but stunned silences takes place.


He had always believed that imagination is stronger than knowledge, dreams are more powerful than facts, hope always triumphs over experience, that love is stronger that death.


His lover’s bite – painful, deep, hard -  turns everything round. Face it: he doesn’t like the pain, but he wants to enjoy the incredible desire. He enjoys the rush of blood in his ears, the taste of copper on his lips, the deafening silence. He worries about what he’s got now but he is more afraid of what he’ll lose. Nothing is a real as it should be and yet – this feels real, true, uncovered.  His whisper “Tell me not to fear, tell me you’re mine, coming to me, taking what should not be…” causes a growl, teeth going deeper and deeper.


He is so soft and warm and he wants him to stay, to hold him and love him forever but Mr. Black has other plans for him – he could see it in his eyes for as he moves again down to his neck he proceeds … it is his blood in his veins he wants … pain, sharp pain he feels as he feeds.


Everlasting, ethereal voice, affords ecstasy. Left in pain and bliss the awaited scream rises continuously in his throat until he couldn’t hold it back any longer. Like a  tiny fetus he opens his mouth  in a grotesque cry:
: “CASEY!!!! CASEY!!! CASEY!!!”


Have a wonderful night, my friends. I'll try to read some of your posts but I can't promise to stay here that long because I'm running a fever and I'm still sick (nothing serious, only a massive cold with a quick running nose :-)) It could be worse! Hey I can be here for the first time in days and all I can say is: I MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

Julchen .
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