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Happy Birthday tariana

Hello sweetie!
I hope you'll have a wonderful day with all the things you love and you like.
I wish you all the very best and much much more :-)

This little something is for you, my friend. I hope you'll enjoy...

Title:                       Dive in
Pairing:                  Reader's choice
Rating:                  ??

“Dive in”


A long, hot day, with another to follow tomorrow.

I'm not a hot weather person really,

my brain melts and I sink

into a physical torpor.

Give me a nice cold crisp day

and I' feel really alive.

Frost crunching underfoot and

the sunlight coming in

low and slanting

across the white-tipped fields.

Yes, that’s how I like it the most.




Well here we are

at that whole thing again.

All because of you.

I CAN be a cat

walking around the milk bowl

or I can dive right in

and splash milk everywhere.


In the still of the evening

while watching you

without sunlight to intrude

I see the twilight in your eyes

as the moon sets up the mood.


The perfect moment of happiness

for me

would be to rest

in your arms

feeling totally relaxed and

without having to worry

if you want to have sex with me.

It has never happened.


What about now?

My fingers are already

trembling, climbing provocative

the line of your thighs…

How curious…


the touch

kind of … subtle…



A dream of fragrance…

the miracle of the sound

of your caretaker…

Is it really me

I’m hearing?

I follow my fingers with my eyes

when they trace slowly


the contours of

your belly

your chest

your arms

resting on your shoulders…

In your sensuality

Your desire rests…


vigilant and then


It’s your voice

Chocolate sweet


Right through me…



No. It won’t be an exception now

Though it isn’t you getting this…

as always...


Again it’s me

who is wanting you



So come here and
lets dive in…


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