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Happy Birthday slipperieslope!!!

Have a marvelous day my sweet Bee!
Thanks for all the joy you're giving.
May this day be filled with joy, sunshine, love and laughter. You deserve all the very best.
I'm so glad to be your friend.

This is for you, darling. I hope you'll enjoy!

Title: The Flirt 3
Character: Zeke (Casey implied)
Rating: G

It could be a sequel to this:
The Flirt 1:

and this:
The Flirt 2:

Love and huuuuugest birthday hugs,


Next Friday, 3.30 p.m.


Shit! I didn’t sleep a single minute in days. All day long it feels like I’m walking on cotton-balls, the voices around me nothing more than a murmur. I jumped off the deep end and now? What now? I  thought it would take me only few hours to cope with it. I was never that wrong.

His smile the following Monday nearly killed me – unaware.


It’s confusing, so confusing. I wish I could cry! I wish I could think! Why? Because I

liked it! The tune of his breathing keeps running through my head. I can still feel his lips on my skin like I would be branded.  I thought him an angel, call it a variety of an angel – it would hit it better.


He keeps me at a distance, doesn’t talk to me, only now and then he smiles at me this devilish smile. I tried talking to him. More than once. He simply left me. Besides this morning.



„What!!! What do you want, Tyler!“

„My name is Zeke!“

„Ok., Zeke then. So what? Oh, I know. It was only a simple kiss, nothing more. Forget it, toy-boy!“

What the ..

„Fuck off, Zeke!“

And off he was.


I got angry. Fuck off? What the heck? He used my words? Properly I have to admit.

BUT: no one ignores Ezekiel Tyler! No one treats the Zeke like shit!


I swear, Connor! You won’t escape! I still don’t know how but all I know is I’ll get you!

I’ll make a night of it! Because it’s not like me being the left prince.

I am in a rage. All I need is a plan of action. Oh yes… Call yourself a victim, babyboy!

Wish yourself luck! Get prepared for a major attack. Soon.


Yes. Now. And I won’t wait. Can’t.

So where are you, devil’s angel?

It’s my turn … Do you have a chance this time?


No. Definitely no!



11.30 p.m.


It was his smile...it killed me, unaware.
It was a torturous invitation...to play with fire, only to be burnt
But as much as I tried -  I couldn’t stand this temptation. I couldn’t stand him.

The time we spent together I was pure horror and … desire. Desire I couldn’t fight back with the power I’d have needed.
Controlled, seduced...under your spell and crushed by the sweetest lips I've ever kissed. Irresistible I just fell into it. Heavenly, joy and ecstasy, madness…

Before he left with this cunning smile he moaned in a playful voice: “Rules were made to be broken, baby”.


I thought he’d have no chance ??!!


I never was that wrong!

I’m so fucking fucked!!!



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