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Rainy day

Night Rain

  Sheets of silver tassels
as they dance with blackened garm
are lonely, silent couples
who are joined with arm and arm
I'm sitting at my window
am the only one who stayed
to watch these sad performers
after all have closed the day.
Entranced unto their presence
with intoxicating spice
I listen as they whisper
to the ground in sacrifice.
To understand this poem
doesn't come without a tear
'tis all I have to offer
as they embrace.

Charles Todd Beuk

It's raining here, it was raining yesterday all day long ... and I love it. 
All seems so peaceful ... little droplets everywhere, even on my feet when I was sitting on my roof last night. It's a great feeling, even when feet become cold. 

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends ... enjoy sunshine AND enjoy rain

Hugs you all


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