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It's a birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dear  claudia603
You are one of my oldes friends. When I came here I've found your open arms.
Thanks you so much for everything. People like you let the sun shine even if it's raining.
May this day be full of love, joy, sunshine, laughter, people you love and you like.
I wish you all the very best!

Love and big tight birthday hugs,

This little something is for you, I hope you'll enjoy:

Title: Surprises
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG



Usually it’s not my cup of tea joining my parents to a concert like this. But they wanted to do me something good before the last year in Herrington High begins. Refusing the invitation would have been tactless and ungrateful to them. Seeing me in a dark blue suit makes my mom nearly bursting with pride. To me it feels simply embarrassing. But I want to do her the favour, though the collar of my shirt is uncomfortable and stiff and nearly kills me before we reach the hall that is our school atrium.


It looks bigger than ever and is festively decorated. Of course I am the only one at my age and I really, really feel like a child at the wrong place.


A soft stroke of the gong calls the last ones to take their seats. Please God, let me survive this – I pray instantly  – please don’t let anyone know that I’m here. This would proof my reputation as a supergeek once more. 


The lights go out – a little spotlight is fixed on pale hands. Soft and gentle lean fingers touch the buttons of the black and shiny piano. A melody develops slowly like the soft rush of a little stream, splashing playfully along a small brook. The fingers are dancing easily, featherlike underlining the enthralling melody, each finger a thought on its way to a theme. The piano player is incredible, I can’t stop watching his masterly hands feeling envious of his  manual skill. The little stream of gentle tones welcomes a second one and the music becomes louder. Faster. The rhythm of my heart adjusts to the time of  the piano piece. Creaks unite to a little river, two little rivers flowing into another becoming a stream – you can’t only hear the waves, you can see them. lap by lap the waves take on washed up sands, rolling in, rolling out.
Holding my breath it goes through and through me. Slowly the light reveals a little more of the piano player. He’s tall, slender, dressed in a black tuxedo and a white shirt. When the music reaches the climax with a big thunder they finally show us his face. This can’t be true. It’s Zeke Tyler??!! Oh my god!


He’s so beautiful and he smiles. I’m melting like ice in the sunshine even he doesn’t look at me. I never expected something like this, even less I expected The Tyler being an artist.

I can’t believe it.


He turns around, straightens his back, puts his magical fingers on the keys and starts playing again. It’s pure magic. His eyes are closed, he looks concentrated but relaxed, enlightened and … happy, as if he just finds the way to a land of miracles and dreams. It’s like inspiration rushes inand takes her place beside him. He morphs into this melody.
People in the hall are holding their breath too it seems, enchanted and drawn by him and his piano. He touches everyone here, he touches me in a kind of way I don’t know. The music makes my heart ache. This Zeke is different, this Zeke is emotional, sensitive, sensual, too.
 He puts all emotions in this little piece of music – sadness, yearning, loneliness as well as hope, unruliness, confidence and … love. One by one they gently caress the audience
stirring them, moving them, enrapturing them.
With just simple taps of the keys, he and this melody could bring me down to my knees. This fragile heart that flutters holding the strength of life within  - .Beauty. The word hits me. This IS beauty, HE embodies beauty.

In the corner of my eye I can see my mom taking dad’s hand. So I’m not the only one feeling like this. Every single tone hurts in a beautiful kind of way. Emotions take over. I feel like running across a flower meadow, feeling grass, clover, dandelions softly tickling my bare feet – feeling, tasting, smelling springtime, sun, happiness. This piece of music is a declaration of life – cheerful, amusing, funny, gentle, caring and loving. He fills this place with … time. Never to return. Never to forget.


When he’s finished there’s nothing, absolutely nothing to hear. A falling needle would sound like rolling thunder and then the audience awakes. They are cheering, applauding, they are beside themselves with joy, only a few – me included - simply can’t move, not yet. Looking around they are in tears … and so am I.


Looking back to him he starts smiling, shy, almost ashamed he bows his head.

He looks at me as if he can’t believe it’s me being here. I’m lost. I’m in love.

Walking down the stage he goes towards me – dear God, let me die! Quick!

I’m so proud of him. Without thinking I just can’t but embrace him, holding him tight, whispering against his neck “Thank you…” with croaked voice.

He hugs me back very very hard, is he shaking? I’m so touched, so deeply touched when he whispers in my ear “Thank YOU, Casey…”


He sits down next to me – surprisingly there’s one seat empty. Looking at him when he talks to the patron there are little pearls of sweat on his temples, his cheeks are slightly flushed – I can’t believe that I didn’t  notice this adorable young man so far. Looking at his magical hands I can see them shaking. He takes one of my hands, squeezing it slightly, whispering “Thanks for being here, Casey…” – I still can’t believe what has happened, what is happening right now.

Zeke Tyler – is holding my hand in the darkness, twining our fingers and he means it.


I can’t remember the following performances because my favourite artist chaptured my heart, my soul, my senses.


And suddenly I call an ordinary day a jewel.



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